Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Airline Planning and Management CW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Airline Planning and Management CW - Essay Example There are 3 major types of tickets: Booking one month ahead for the cheapest ticket, booking one week ahead and lastly booking the flexible ticket 2 days ahead. The prices in table 3 are given for the flexible tickets and for a day return trip on a weekday. These prices are used in order to simplify the calculations for the fares. Also holidays could not be excluded by presenting other ticket types, whereas the fares are significantly higher. Prices include taxes and charges for a roundtrip. Worth mentioning is that all fares are from London and it is assumed that the price is similar on the other direction. However, the denomination of pricing is different due to Euro/Pound rate differences between Porto and London, respectively. The airport of choice in London for the new airline is London City. Therefore, the new airline will serve the route London City (LCY) in London, UK to Francisco SÃ ¡ Carneiro Airport Porto (OPO) in Portugal. to date there is only one direct flight in each direction at the weekdays from London to OPO with several non-direct flights in addition. In table 3 (b), the airlines have been limited to only non-direct flights that do not fly longer than 5 hours. This means that non-direct flights flying longer than 5 hours are excluded. Following figure 1 demonstrates the short distance between LCY and OPO and the resulting benefits of establishing direct flights: Travellers will appreciate the short length of travel and direct flight option to and from OPO There is a number of factors that make the choice of LCY-OPO highly suitable. Main reason is the total number of carriers plying the route. Because of the availability of multiple airline carriers, there is much competition at the major airports, making travellers prefer LCY because of its size, reduced crowd numbers, fast check-in processes and reduces waiting times. Passengers are also guaranteed

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