Thursday, February 27, 2020

European Union, Problem of anti-semistism in Hungary Research Paper

European Union, Problem of anti-semistism in Hungary - Research Paper Example Recent news reports agrees that Hungary displays a heightened level of public anti-Semitism not witnessed since 1940s. The heightened level of hatred came into effect after an anti-Semitism political party called Jobbik gained ground in Hungarian Parliament (Chanes 01). Leaders of this party are plainly anti-Semitic. In October 2013, one member of Hungarian parliament belonging to Jobbik party proposed enlistment and identification of Jewish politicians as potential threat to national security. As if the proposal for enlistment was not enough, Jobbik party leaders were quoted saying, â€Å"†¦anti-Semitism is not just our right, but it is the duty of every Hungarian homeland lover, and we must prepare for armed battle against the Jews.† (Hurd 01) In order to substantiate the level of prejudice towards Hungarian Jews, the European Union conducted a survey in Hungary. 90% of all Jews respondents during the survey asserted that political anti-Semitism is a â€Å"very big† issue in the country (Fejer 01). Anti-Semitism is not new in Hungary. During the Second World War, precisely in 1944, Germany occupied Hungary. Occupation of Nazis in collaboration with Hungarian police forces led to massacre and deportation of thousands of Jews from Budapest. Based on this historical glimpse, Israel voiced their concerns on the growing anti-Semitism in Hungary. America, Israel and the entire European Union fears that Jobbik Party is stirring an anti-Semitic pot, which might eventually boil over causing violence in Hungarian streets similar to that in 1944 (Keinon 01). Unlike the historic anti-Semitism conducted by Nazis, the one in Hungary today is based on issues of political power rather than social and economic aspects (Strauss 42). Therefore, the only way to end this problem is to enact national policies that monitors and controls the rise of anti-Semitism in Hungarian politics. In order to ensure

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